Government job is a big responsibility for society

  • CM addresses trainee officers of IAS, IFS and SAS
  • Training starts from 10th June, 127 trainees joining this training

Administrative Correspondent, Bhopal
Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav has said that government officers and employees should work with the feeling that they are servants of the society and not of the government. Humanity and sensitivity should always be manifested in their working style.

The rights given to government officers and employees are for the fulfillment of public aspirations and public interest and they have a responsibility towards the public. Government service provides an opportunity to display versatility and it also tests one. Generally, when a person is empowered, he gets a sense of stagnation and stability, whereas we have to remain constantly alert and active. Government service is not just a job but a big responsibility to do the best for the society. Whatever role we are getting, we should try to play it in the best possible way with full confidence. Chief Minister Dr. Yadav said this while addressing the inaugural session of the joint basic training program of Indian Administrative Service, Indian Forest Service, State Service officers at the Administration Academy Bhopal online from New Delhi.

The state training program of Indian Administrative Service 2023 batch, basic training program of Indian Forest Service 2022 batch and joint basic training program of State Civil Service 2019-20 batch has started from June 10 at R.C.P.V. Noronha Academy of Administration and Management.

During this 9 trainees of Indian Administrative Service, 15 of Indian Forest Service and 127 trainees of State Civil Service will get it.

Work done in public interest is good governance

Chief Minister Dr. Yadav said that government officials and employees are expected to work for good governance. While explaining good governance, he said that work done in public interest is good governance. Lord Shri Ram’s Ram Rajya and the tenure of Emperor Vikramaditya and Emperor Ashoka are considered synonymous with administrative efficiency and good governance. He told them to use their time in the best possible manner and try to continuously move ahead on the basis of their abilities and capabilities.

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