Global level sports complex to be built in Nathu Barkheda

Bhopal: Cooperative, Sports and Youth Welfare Minister Vishwas Kailash Sarang said that a provision of Rs 586 crore is proposed for the Sports and Youth Welfare Department in the year 2024-25. International level sports facilities are being continuously expanded in the state. He said that the construction of an international level sports complex at Nathu Barkheda in Bhopal will increase sports tourism by making it a sports hub. Along with this, an international level sports science center will be established. It is noteworthy that the construction of international level hockey turf and pavilion at Nathu Barkheda is almost complete.

Focus on building ‘Developed Madhya Pradesh’

Sarang said that this is a public welfare and development oriented budget. He said that this is an unprecedented step towards fulfilling the resolution of developed Madhya Pradesh. He said that this budget for the welfare of the poor, farmers, women, workers and youth and development of every sector is all-touching and omnipresent. Certainly, this budget will provide new impetus to the upliftment of every section and the development of the state.

Concept of “Prosperity through Cooperation” is coming true

Minister Sarang informed that this time in the budget, a provision of 1000 crores has been made for share capital to cooperative banks, 600 crores for interest subsidy on short-term loans to farmers through cooperative banks and 149 crores for managerial grants to primary credit cooperative societies. He said that continuous efforts are being made in the cooperative sector for the prosperity of farmers. In the year 2023-24, crop loan of Rs 19 thousand 946 crore has been distributed to the farmers, which is Rs 1 thousand 490 crore more than the year 2022-23. In the current financial year 2024-25, a target of disbursing crop loan of Rs 23 thousand crore has been set.

Computerization of PACS is being done

Minister Sarang informed that the work of computerization of Primary Agricultural Credit Cooperative Societies is going on at a rapid pace in the state to streamline the processes and functions of PACS. He said that digitizing the records of PACS institutions will bring transparency in the functioning of these institutions, which will benefit the farmers of the state. A provision of Rs 32 crore has been made in the budget for computerization of PACS institutions.

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