Fuel tanks catch fire in Russia after Ukrainian drone attack

Moscow, July 6 (UNI) Fuel tanks caught fire but no one was injured when three districts in the Krasnodar Territory in south Russia were attacked by Ukrainian drones, the operational headquarters said in a statement on Telegram.

“Overnight from July 5 to July 6, civilian facilities in several municipalities of the Krasnodar Territory were attacked by the Kiev regime – the Yeisky, Leningradsky and Pavlovsky districts. In Yeisk, enemy drones were shot down by air defenses. Minor damage to a cell phone tower was recorded as a result of falling drone fragments. A drone attack was also repelled in the settlement of Pavlovskaya. After the fall of unmanned aerial vehicle fragments, fuel storage tanks caught fire at an oil depot. In the settlement of Leningradskaya, a UAV attack resulted in a fuel tank fire,” the headquarters said.

Emergency and security services are working on the spot.

“According to preliminary information, no one was injured,” according to the statement.

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