For the first time in Madhya Pradesh, robot performs complex operations

  • Doctors give instructions from Chennai, successful surgery of gall bladder and hiatal hernia

Chronicle Reporter, Indore
Madhya Pradesh is now moving ahead on the path of advanced technology in medicine. Indore, which has made its global identity in cleanliness and food, has created a new history.

In Indore, which has made its identity as a medical hub in the last few years, successful surgery of gall bladder and hiatal hernia has been done through robotic methods. This surgery has been done jointly by doctors from Chennai and Indore. It was carried out through a robot by Indore’s senior laparoscopic and robotic surgeon Dr. CP Kothari and his team. Both the patients treated with this state-of-the-art method have been discharged from the hospital and are moving towards their normal lifestyle. Dr. CP Kothari said that during the operation, experts from Chennai kept an eye on every moment. In modern India, we are now moving towards creating new records in the health sector. Soon Indore is getting ready to provide world class health facilities.

Robots doing many complex surgeries from heart, liver, intestine Dr CP Kothari said that a few years ago patients had to go to cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore for robotic surgery but now robotic surgery is available in Indore. In robotic surgery, robotic arms are controlled by doctors.

Patients from all over world are coming to Indore

Dr CP Kothari said that with the arrival of this robot, doors of medical tourism have also opened in Indore. People from countries all over the world have now started coming to Indore for cheap operations. The surgery which costs 20 lakh rupees in America, the same surgery costs three to four lakh rupees to the people there in India. Because of this, patients from countries all over the world including Dubai, Europe are coming to India for treatment.


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