Fire in Mantralaya due to AC blast

Bhopal: There was a stir due to fire in the Mantralaya (Vallabh Bhawan) in Bhopal. An incident of fire has come to light again on the fourth floor of the Mantralaya. According to the information, the fire broke out due to AC blast. There is no news of any loss of life.

An incident of fire has come to light on the fourth floor of the Mantralaya. It is being told that AC maintenance work was being done here, during this time there was a blast. After which the employees came out of the cabin. Due to the fire, a cloud of smoke spread in a short time. However, the fire was controlled in a short time.

A cabinet meeting was organized in Vallabh Bhawan some time ago. Cabinet ministers including CM Mohan had arrived for the meeting. Meanwhile, news of AC blast has come to light.

Fire also broke out in March

This year, incidents of fire are continuously coming to the fore in Vallabh Bhawan. Earlier in the month of March, a massive fire broke out on the 5th floor of the old building of the Ministry (Vallabh Bhawan). The fire was so intense that it gradually reached the fourth and third floors. During this time, the fire was brought under control after a lot of hard work.

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