Efforts start to save two ponds of Shivpuri

Bhopal: Under the ongoing Jal Ganga Samvardhan Abhiyan in Madhya Pradesh, Shivpuri Collector Ravindra Kumar Chaudhary discovered two ponds of Shivpuri on paper and started efforts to save their existence. He supervised the removal of encroachment from Kala Mad pond of Bairad tehsil of the district.

Official sources said today that under the Jal Ganga Samvardhan Abhiyan in the district, officers, public representatives and common people are reaching the old ponds and other ancient traditional places of water filling and cleaning and deepening them. Meanwhile, when the District Collector went to Bhujaria pond of Shivpuri city with his staff to do Shramdaan, he came to know that encroachment has happened rapidly around the pond and there was no clear mention of the pond in the government papers, when he showed the old records, that pond was found in it. After this, the work of deepening and cleaning of the pond was started.

Similarly, in the Manihar Fatehpur area of the city, a pond which was very old was marked in the records and the work of cleaning it and restoring it to its original state was started so that when the rain waters arrive, the ponds of the city remain filled like before and the water level remains high.


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