Dussehra celebrated with gaiety

Immersion of Durga idols continue

Bhopal, Dussehra, a festival symbolising victory of good over evil, was celebrated with great fervour in Bhopal and Indore on Tuesday. Huge effigies of demon king Ravana were burnt at various places to mark the occasion.

Meanwhile, the immersion of Durga idols continues in the city with the culmination of 9-day Durga Navmi.

In Bhopal, the tallest effigy of Ravana was burnt at Kolar Dussehra Ground. TT Nagar, Bittan Market, Shahpura, Kolar Road, MVM Ground, Ashoka Garden, Jamboori Ground, Bairagarh and Govindpura were among other popular venues of Dussehra celebration across the city.

Also, religious processions were organised at various places. A procession at Chola Dussehra Ground commenced from Banke Bihari Temple, while another began at Meera Temple and went to Bittan Market Dussehra Ground.

Traffic at many places in the city remained affected for hours in the evening due to the processions.

The fireworks displays at various places were the main attractions for the people. As the 10-day Navratri festival culminated on Monday, immersion ceremony of Durga idols was also carried out by various groups.

Indore residents wake up to scent of marigold flowers

In Indore, residents woke up to the scent of fresh marigold flowers along road sides across the city. Households in the city decked up their houses with the flowers. By evening, Ravan effigies were torched at various places.

Senior police department officials performed ‘shastra pujan’ to mark the occasion of Vijaya Dashami.

Festivities peaked by evening as residents assembled in their localities to watch Ravan effigies, whose height varied from 10 feet to 120 feet, go up in flames. In most places, the cracker-stuffed effigies were blown up through remote controls.


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