Drama ‘Charandas Chor’ staged for the first time in puppetry

  • Programme organized in Tribal Museum

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Tribal Folk Art and Dialect Development Academy is organizing a puppet festival focusing on various styles of puppetry in the Madhya Pradesh Tribal Museum. Established puppeteers of shadow, rod, glove, thread and many modern experiments are participating in the festival, on the fourth day of which, on 16th September, in the afternoon, a performance was given by Hemlata Jimbo. In the evening of the function, Charandas Chor and Pandavani were performed by Vibhash Upadhyay and his friends Bhilai in the style of glove, rod and thread. Welcoming the artists at the function, Director of Tribal Folk Art and Dialect Development Academy, Dr. Dharmendra Pare said that even today this ancient style is being watched with great interest by the people. A large number of parents are attending the function with their children. This is a powerful genre to engage children and educate them with moral values through stories. Universal Puppet Theater has been doing puppetry for the last 22 years. Provides not only performances but also training in puppet making. Pandwani has been sung in every village and city for years. We are trying to show this through puppets. Second presentation Charandas Chor. The first drama adaptation of Vijay Daan Detha’s story Charan Ke Paran was done by Habib Tanveer. Gradually this play became famous.

Drama presented

For the first time, an attempt was made by Vibhash Upadhyay and his friends to show a drama through puppets. There is no match between theft and truth, but this match will be seen in this drama. This is the story of a thief named Charandas. This thief steals from rich people and distributes it among the poor. Coincidentally, one day the constable follows him and he hides with a monk in a temple. The sage asks him not to steal but he does not agree but instead takes five resolutions like not eating food in a golden plate, not going in a procession riding on an elephant, not marrying any princess, not becoming the king of any kingdom, and Don’t lie. Unfortunately, Charandas commits theft in the palace. This is his ultimate goal. After the theft, he tells the truth to the queen. The queen is happy with this and offers him to eat on a golden plate, sit in an elephant and come in the procession, marry her and become the king of the kingdom. He refuses. He does, and also refuses to lie and the queen punishes him but he becomes immortal even after death.

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