Dozens of schools in Rajgarh district are without teachers

  • Playing with children’s future
  • Most affected schools located in Rajgarh tehsil

Chronicle Reporter, Rajgarh
The new academic session has started, but there are dozens of government schools in the district in which not a single teacher is posted. The future of the children is being played with. Many government schools in the district are coming under the category of zero teacher schools. The future of the children studying in these schools is in limbo. For the operation of these schools, teachers from other places have been deployed here on a daily basis.

The academic session 2024-25 has started. It has been about 1 month since the new academic session started. In the midst of this new academic session, there are teacherless schools in all the tehsils of the district. Despite this, it is not being taken seriously by the responsible people of the department.

Teachers being sent by changing their duty every day

The worst situation in this matter is of Rajgarh tehsil. There are no teachers in the schools of many villages bordering Rajasthan. In such schools, teachers are being sent in turns every day to teach. Not only this, most of the teachers also reach and start the school just for the sake of formality and there is no special focus on studies. Their only objective is to open the school. No special attention is given to studies.

Right now, the cluster principal has been instructed to make arrangements for a teacher for studies. Efforts will be made that only one teacher visits the school regularly every day. Instructions have not yet come from the government regarding the appointment of a guest teacher.
– Devendra Singh Raghuvanshi, District Education Officer, Rajgarh

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