Devotees join Maa Kshipra Tirtha Parikrama with CM

Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav has said that Maa Kshipra Tirtha Parikrama will underline the archaeological and spiritual importance sites across the Kshipra banks. Dr. Yadav was addressing a gathering at the launching of Maa Kshipra Tirtha Parikrama at Ramghat of Ujjain on Saturday. A unique blend of religion, faith, and belief was seeen at the start of Kshipra Tirtha Parikrama at Ramghat in Mahakal city Ujjaini.

CM Dr. Yadav worshiped Kshipra and the dhwaja at Ramghat, followed by abhishek and aarti. CM launched the Kshipra Tirtha Parikrama by administering oath to the gathering for the Jalabhishek campaign dedicated to the conservation and revival of the rivers and water structures.

Water and environment conservation

CM Dr. Yadav said that under the Jal Ganga Samvardhan Abhiyan, water and environment conservation, river revitalization and plantation activities are being undertaken. Eleven rivers merge into the Kshipra. Avantika Tirtha is the most important of all pilgrimages. Through the Vedic clock, the standard time of Ujjain will be restored as the time of the country and the world.

Kshipra Tirtha Parikrama given a warm welcome

CM Mohan Yadav along with Sant Samaj, devotees and public representatives participated in the Kshipra Teerth Parikrama on foot. There was immense enthusiasm among the people taking part in the Parikrama, Parikrama flags were waving in the hands of the pilgrims. Various religious-social and voluntary organizations welcomed the Kshipra Tirtha Parikrama by showering flowers on the Parikrama route.

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