Despite daily action, roads of capital have become free parking

  • Traffic jams are common on many roads in capital

Kavita Singh Rathore
Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Traffic jams have become common on many roads in the capital, but a major reason for this is vehicles parked carelessly on the road. The government widens the roads for the convenience of drivers, but people have turned the sides of the road into parking lots.

The city remains chaotic due to these vehicles. In many areas, roads are becoming undeclared parking lots for two-wheelers and four-wheelers. This causes inconvenience to other people. Many times vehicles collide with each other. The surprising thing is that the local administration and responsible people do not pay any attention to this. Due to these vehicles, common people have to face a lot of trouble in commuting. Every day thousands of vehicles are seen parked on the road. Whereas, the police have ignored the traffic rules. The traffic police neither takes any action against these drivers nor stops them from parking their vehicles.

Roads of capital become parking lots
The roads of many areas of Bhopal have become parking lots. People park their vehicles in Zone 1 and 2 of MP Nagar, the road in front of the hospital on Narela Road, around Ashima Mall, near Capital Mall, DIG Bungalow in old Bhopal, Chowk Bazar, Bhopal Talkies, Ghoda Nakkas, Ashoka Garden, Rani Kamlapati Railway Station. On the other hand, it is very difficult to go on the road from Shahpura to the front of Bansal Hospital. The Bansal people have built such a big hospital, but they have not made any parking arrangements for the vehicles of the people coming there.

The people coming here park their four-wheelers right in front of the road. Due to which people coming in other two-wheelers and four-wheelers face a lot of difficulty to pass. People stand in the jam for hours. This not only leads to wastage of time but also poses a risk of a major accident.

Parking is a big problem in the city because the number of vehicles is increasing rapidly. Continuous work is going on to make parking arrangements. The Municipal Corporation has also identified a place to develop parking.
–       Malti Rai, Mayor

Pintu Bisht, who lives in Ashoka Garden, says that people park their vehicles carelessly on the roads and leave. This causes traffic jams on the roads. Due to which, no matter how early you leave, you are late in reaching the office.
–       Pintu Bisht

SK Dubey, who lives in Kolar, says that if you want to go anywhere from here, you have to go through Bansal and Shahpura. In such a situation, the cars parked on the roadside create an obstacle. Due to which you are often late in reaching the destination.
–       SK Dubey, Kolar resident

Smart parking is also empty

Where smart parking has been built, people do not park their vehicles there either. The length of roads in the capital is 4566 km, while the number of vehicles is 19.02 lakh. In such a situation, it is very difficult for all vehicles to find parking space. Therefore, these people create inconvenience by parking their vehicles on the roads.

Traffic DCP Sanjay Singh says that action is being taken every day against these vehicles parked in no parking areas on the road, but these vehicles are in such large numbers that it becomes a bit difficult to take action against each one. Every day cranes lift thousands of vehicles across the city. At present, there is no permanent solution to this, but work is going on it.
–       Sanjay Singh, Traffic DCP

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