Delhi water crisis is AAP govt’s creation: Bansuri Swaraj

New Delhi, June 16 (UNI) Amid an ongoing water crisis that has crippled the national capital in the middle of a severe heatwave, the Bharatiya Janata Party on Sunday held protests at 14 places against the ruling Aam Aadmi Party government over the paucity of the life resource.

All seven newly elected members of parliament from Delhi participated in the protest.

New Delhi Lok Sabha MP Bansuri Swaraj held protest against the Delhi Jal Board and alleged: “This is not a natural problem, it has been created by the AAP. Delhi has sufficient water, and Haryana is releasing more water than agreed upon.

“In just 10 years, AAP has taken the Delhi Jal Board from a Rs 600 crores profit-making uint in 2013 to a loss grosser of Rs 73,000 crore in 2024,” she said.

On the same note, BJP MP Kamaljeet Sehrawat from West Delhi said that the residents of Dwarka have been complaining about the water shortages as private tankers were costing more money, and “they are unable to avail government tankers”,

Taking pot shot at the AAP government, Sehrawat said, “The Delhi government is blaming other state governments for the water shortage, whereas the problem lies within their department…

“I request Atishi not on humanitarian grounds, but as a minister in the Delhi government, she needs to take care of her department.”

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