Delhi-like air cargo hub to be built in MP: CM

  • Dr. Yadav takes part in annual conclave-2024 of Air Cargo Forum India

Bhopal: Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav said that considering the geographical location and developed infrastructure of Madhya Pradesh, there is every possibility of Madhya Pradesh becoming an air cargo hub like Delhi. Chief Minister Dr. Yadav said that now air transport and cargo facilities are being expanded in the state. There is a possibility of cargo in all seven airports in the state. These views were expressed by Dr. Yadav in the annual Conclave-2024 of Air Cargo Forum India.

CM said that Madhya Pradesh is the only state where interstate air service has been started. PM Shri Air Ambulance service has been started in the state, in which apart from able-bodied persons, Ayushman card holders are also being benefited. Heli service has also been started to promote tourism in the state. From this point of view, adequate infrastructure is developed in the state for air transportation as well as air cargo.

Cargo Hub will boost trade and employment opportunities

Chief Minister Dr. Yadav said that the construction of a cargo hub in the state will help explore the resources of the state, promoting trade and increasing employment opportunities. To make Madhya Pradesh a business center in the future, a desk named ‘Future Ready Madhya Pradesh’ has also been prepared. The pace of economic growth of the state is more than 20 percent and the rate of agricultural development is 25 percent. In the state budget presented yesterday, 16 percent more allocation has been made as compared to the previous budget.

Dr. Yadav said that products worth 6 billion dollars are transported through air cargo in Madhya Pradesh. He said that from this point of view, there is immense potential for the air cargo industry in Madhya Pradesh. Dr. Yadav invited the air cargo industry to participate in the development of the state and invest in the state.

Book released

Chief Minister Dr. Yadav released a book named ‘Skilling Manual’ published by Air Cargo Forum India. Chief Minister Dr. Yadav also honored the leaders of Air Cargo Forum India Task Pillars: Skill Development, Knowledge and Research, Digital Automation, Go Green, Domestic Air Cargo, Process Simplification, Branding, Policy Advocacy, and Event Management for their excellent performance.

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