Cyber Police cautions people about fraud through Telegram app

Bhopal, Cyber Police Madhya Pradesh has issued an advisory regarding fraud through Telegram application. In the current digital environment, citizens are being cheated in various ways on the Telegram app by cyber fraudsters, in which fraud is being seen by sending various types of messages on the Telegram application. Cyber thugs are active on the Telegram app; they are cheating people in many ways. Fraud is being done by luring commission on online jobs, part-time jobs, videos like completing tasks, liking or subscribing to the channel.

Investment in crypto currency

By adding to the Telegram group in the name of investment in crypto currency, by telling many times the profit by other members of the group, cheating the victim in the name of investing in crypto currency as per their instructions. By creating fake channels with names similar to the real trading channel on Telegram and including them in it, showing fake purchase-sale, investment and profit, putting money in a fraud account and blocking it. Depositing money in the name of increasing ratings with the help of product shopping and software on Telegram and showing profit, blocking the money and deleting the group.

By providing free movie, game, software download facility on channels operated on Telegram, installing virus, malware in the victim’s phone and stealing phone data.

Do not click on any given link

Do not join any unknown profile, group or channel on Telegram nor click on any given link. Do not deposit money in any account in the name of fees, registration, advance trading money etc. in the greed of high profits on crypto currency investment, shopping or job offers.

Do not enter your personal information on the app / webpage opened through any link on Telegram. Turn on the facility of two-factor authentication on all your social media and email accounts etc., so that your accounts cannot be hacked easily. Do not download movies, software etc. through any unknown website. This can install viruses or malware in your mobile and steal mobile data. If any cyber crime happens to you, complain about it to your nearest police station or on or Toll Free number 1930.

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