Congress’s DNA among tribals: Kamal Nath

  • BJP government committed scam in PESA law
  • Tribal Congress program concluded

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
PCC Chief Kamal Nath has said that the DNA of tribals belongs to Congress. BJP government also committed scam in PESA law. Congress MLA and former minister Omkar Singh Markam raised a slogan regarding Kamal Nath – He is a resident of Shikarpur – Kamal Nath is a tribal.

Actually, Adivasi Congress had organized a program on the martyrdom day of Raja Shankar Shah and Kuvar Raghunath Shah at Manas Bhawan in Bhopal. After raising slogans of Kamal Nath, Markam further said that many people asked me, who are you, Kamal Nath ji. Regarding giving the tribal certificate, I said that there are two types of certificates, one is given by birth and the other is given by deeds. On the basis of karma, this society gives you the certificate of tribal. I hope that your struggle is necessary, you are our leader. Many leaders including PCC Chief Kamal Nath, Tribal Congress President Ramu Tekam, former minister Omkar Singh Markam were present in this program organized at Manas Bhawan, Bhopal.

Atrocities on tribals – In Madhya Pradesh, tribals have to fight for their rights. You all learned everything, learned to work hard but did not learn to talk. If anyone has the first right in the state, it is our tribal brothers who have the right. We will fight for this right together. Today Madhya Pradesh is number one in atrocities against tribals in the entire country. This is shown by the figures of the Central Government. Nothing was given to the tribals in 18 years but everything was taken away. It took so many years to bring the PESA law, now the PESA law was brought and there was a scam in its recruitment too.

Big hospitals have been built, but there are no doctors

PCC Chief Kamal Nath said, the way our tribal Dalit brothers are being tortured in Madhya Pradesh. Such incidents are not hidden from anyone. The Bharatiya Janata Party government tries to suppress those misdeeds. It has been 18 years since the BJP government. But still the education system is completely collapsed. A big hospital building was built. Took commission in the contract. But there are no doctors in hospitals. They (BJP) talk about PESA law. But tribals did not get any rights in the PESA law.

Kamal Nath said that the sacrifices of Raghunath Shah and Shankar Shah have their own history. I don’t want to repeat. This is an example for us how a father and son launched a campaign against the British. They went to jail and both of them were blown up by a cannon. There is one thing very common among all of you, your blood, your DNA… is the DNA of Congress.

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