Congress’s attempt to capture Khategaon

Jitendra Purohit, Dewas
The Congress, which has been continuously losing elections from Khategaon assembly constituency, is trying hard to capture this seat this time. Sources say that Congress is trying to hit the ground running by bringing in a new name.

Khategaon assembly has been under BJP’s control since 1998. Kailash Kundal was last elected from the Congress in the 1993 assembly elections. After that, Brajmohan Dhoot of BJP won in the 1998 elections and retained his victory three times in a row. Then in the 2013 elections, in place of Brajmohan Dhoot, BJP gave the ticket to Pt. Ashish Sharma and Pt. Ashish Sharma won the election with a huge margin of votes. For the second time in the 2018 elections too, Pt. Ashish Sharma maintained his victory.

Pt. Ashish Sharma’s opponents had made a lot of effort to prevent him from getting a ticket in the upcoming elections, but Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan had come to Khategaon in the past and the crowd seen in his program was historic. After this program, the plans of the opponents of Pt. Ashish Sharma failed.

The Khategaon assembly seat is being considered challenging for the Congress due to the BJP being in possession of the Khategaon assembly seat for 5 consecutive times. On the other hand, there are many contenders here, including former MLA Kailash Kundal, former president of Mahila Congress Rajkumari Kundal, Laxminarayan Badawala, Manoj Holani, Bantu Gurjar, Om Patel, P.Mukesh Patel, besides former minister Deepak Joshi, who came from BJP to Congress. Earlier also a ticket was given to Kailash Kundal and he also won, it is clear from this fact that both the parties can give tickets to Brahmin.

In such a situation, the Congress can consider the name of Pt. Mukesh Patel of village Hatnori in the assembly constituency. Congress wants to bring this seat in its court by any means in the upcoming elections. Pandit Mukesh Patel is currently the working president of District Congress and he recently took out a gratitude journey from his village Hatnori to Nemavar. In which thousands of workers of the assembly constituency had participated. Pt. Mukesh Patel’s family has been active in the Congress party for the last 50 years.

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