Cong cold-shouldered Armed Forces and denied OROP: PM Modi

Morena (MP), Nov 8 (UNI) Saluting the indomitable courage of the Indian Armed Forces, Prime Minister Narendra Modi alleged on Wednesday that successive Congress dispensations kept the military reliant on foreign weapons, deprived soldiers stationed on the border of improved facilities and denied the benefit of One Rank One Pension (OROP) to ex-servicemen.

Addressing a public meeting in this headquarters of Chambal division from where thousands of youngsters have donned the olive-green uniform down the decades, the visiting dignitary averred, “It is imperative for today’s youth to comprehend that the Congress always played with the vital sphere of national security. After the attainment of Independence, one of the first scams perpetrated by the Congress was in the defence sector.”

The present-day indigenously-equipped Indian Army deals a fitting response to terrorists in their own language and even delivers the reply in militants’ dens, the Prime Minister underlined.

In the context of OROP, he said, “Everyone knows full well that for four long decades, the Congress turned a deaf ear to our soldiers. Those bravehearts – who serve the nation with a burning passion that is willing to sacrifice everything for the cause – were distraught vis-à-vis the Congress’ attitude.”

That party’s dispensation earmarked a paltry Rs 500 crore, uttered untruth to the warriors, gave hollow guarantees with regard to implementation of OROP, misguided, confused and threw dust in the eyes of the soldiers, Modi thundered, adding that dishonesty was a hallmark of Congress deeds.

“They knew that a sum of Rs 500 crore shall prove grossly insufficient for the purpose. In stark contrast, OROP became a reality under my dispensation and ex-servicemen across the country have already received Rs 70,000 crore,” the Prime Minister emphasised.

Earlier, extremists severed the heads of Indian soldiers and took them away while the Congress regime sat hand over hand, he alleged, adding that when ultra attacks occurred the Congress appealed for foreign help to combat the menace.

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