Conduct surprise inspections of govt offices: Yogi

Basti (UP), July 5 (UNI) Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, while reviewing the school Chalo Abhiyan on Friday directed the Basic Shiksha Adhikaris (BSAs) to ensure timely enrolment of children.

The CM, who reached Basti on Friday morning, was greeted by public representatives and senior officials at the Police Line helipad. He began his visit by meeting with ministers, MPs, MLAs, and block pramukhs at the Circuit House.

During a review meeting in the auditorium of the Divisional Commissioner’s Office with public representatives and senior officials from Sant Kabir Nagar and Siddharth Nagar districts via video conferencing, he also emphasised the importance of teacher punctuality and directed officers to conduct surprise inspections of schools. He directed that the uniforms, notebooks, and books of the children should be made available on time.

During the review of the special communicable disease control and Dastak campaigns, Yogi directed all Chief Medical Officers to maintain proper cleanliness in hospitals. “If there is a shortage of doctors, qualified doctors should be appointed locally through the District Magistrate,” he said.

He also stressed the need to ensure the availability of medicines. During the flood prevention review, he directed district officials across all districts to monitor sensitive and highly sensitive embankments rigorously. He emphasised the urgency of completing all preparations before the flood season, stressing zero tolerance for any delays.

The CM also underscored the importance of engaging public representatives in the distribution of relief materials. He emphasised the need for immediate treatment of snakebite victims in emergency situations.

Regarding the tree plantation campaign, he directed that saplings should be planted in each district according to the set targets. He also emphasised that saplings should be distributed to responsible individuals capable of caring for them after planting.

He encouraged the adoption of saplings to promote public participation. He suggested that each planting should be marked with a plaque bearing the planter’s name, accompanied by a pledge to nurture the sapling.

Yogi while reviewing the settlement of revenue disputes, litigation and land measurement directed that cases pending for 1 to 3 years, 3 to 5 years, and over 5 years must be resolved promptly based on merit. He emphasised zero tolerance for any delays in this process.

He also directed for an action plan to be devised immediately in anticipation of upcoming festivals.

Emphasising a strict prohibition on arms and ammunition during Muharram, he said, “During Muharram, maintain strict vigilance over processions and obtain written permission.”

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