CM welcomes Acharya Vinamra Sagar Ji

Bhopal: Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav today welcomed Jain Muni Shri Vinamra Sagar Ji on his arrival in Bhopal at VIP Road Bhopal and received his blessings. Chief Minister Dr. Yadav also received blessings from other Jain Munis. Upon returning from Chhindwara and traveling from the State Airport to the CM’s residence, Chief Minister Dr. Yadav noticed a group of Jain Munis walking on foot along the VIP road and he then halted the convoy of vehicles and extended a welcome to everyone. Acharya ji has arrived with a group of Jain Munis from Lalitpur (Uttar Pradesh). Chief Minister Dr. Yadav welcomed Jain Muni and his companions on their arrival in Bhopal.

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