CM, ministers, others to take part in grand event

  • Yoga Day today: Students, community members take part in Yoga activities

Bhopal: Bhopal witnessed a significant turnout of students and other community members participating in yoga activities organized across various locations in the city. These activities were conducted on the eve of International Yoga Day, celebrated globally on June 21.

Chief Minister Mohan Yadav practised his asanas on Thursday, ahead of the grand event scheduled for World Yoga Day on June 21 in Bhopal. The video shows the Chief Minister performing complicated yoga asanas, like Mayur Asana (peacock pose) and Kauwa Asana (crow pose), with full perfection.

Collective Yoga Practice Programme

A grand event will be organised at Lal Parade Ground in Bhopal on June 21 to mark International Yoga Day, in line with the other states. Chief Minister Yadav, ministers, several MLAs, officials, and hundreds of students will perform yoga at the ‘Samuhik Yog Abhyas Karyakram’ (Collective Yoga Practice Programme) on Friday morning at 6 a.m.

CM Yadav said that Yoga Day has started with the efforts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. A big campaign has been launched to stay healthy through yoga; our government is also participating in it with great enthusiasm. All the members of the cabinet have been allotted districts for Yoga Day, where there is no minister, administrative officers have been given the responsibility

Anna Samvardhan Abhiyan to be launched

CM said Sri Anna Samvardhan Abhiyan is also going to be launched from tomorrow.PM Narendra Modi will address the programme virtually.

On the eve of Yoga Day, Deputy CM Rajendra Shukla has said that under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India has taken important steps to get yoga recognized globally and is constantly striving to make it an integral part of every person’s lifestyle. Shukla called upon all citizens to adopt yoga in their lives and move towards a healthy and happy life.

Quoting Maharishi Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, he said that “Yoga: Chittavritti Nirodha” That is, yoga is the restraint of the tendencies of the mind. It is helpful in achieving mental peace and stability. It is a matter of great prides that yoga, which is a priceless gift of our sages, has become a symbol of healthy and balanced lifestyle all over the world today.

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