Budget will be prepared with advice of public

  • Finance Minister Devda addresses dialogue program

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Deputy Chief Minister Jagdish Devda has said that the economy of Madhya Pradesh is fully dynamic. Strategies are being made to maintain the pace of infrastructural development along with capital expenditure. For the first time, we are going to prepare the budget of Madhya Pradesh 2024-25 with the suggestions of the public. Right now we are taking suggestions from experts. After this, we will also try to take suggestions from the general public through social media. He was addressing a dialogue program with subject experts for the preparation of the state’s budget at the Academy of Administration on Wednesday. Devda said that for the first time in Madhya Pradesh, suggestions have been sought from all sections of the society for budget preparation to make the budget according to the expectations of the citizens and to fulfill their development plans. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set a target of taking the country’s economy to 5 trillion dollars. This will also include the notable contribution of Madhya Pradesh under the leadership of Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav. With the guidance received from dynamic Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, the financial management of Madhya Pradesh has proved to be better. On this occasion, Principal Secretary Manish Singh, Secretary Ajit Kumar, Director Budget Bikki Karthikeyan, Deputy Secretary Rajiv Ranjan Meena, Deputy Secretary Frank Nobel and Finance Department officials were present. On this occasion, Director Finance Bikki Karthikeyan expressed his gratitude.

These suggestions were given by budget experts

Focus on digital literacy: Reserve Bank of India Bhopal GM Hemant Soni said that there is a need to focus on climate risk, adequate storage space, financial and digital literacy for farmers and students. There should be more provision in the budget for this.

Focus on irrigation sector: NABARD Deputy General Manager Nandu J. Naik said that there is a need to focus on the irrigation sector. There is a need to increase horticulture and micro irrigation and the import market. Work should be done in the logistics and corporate sector.

Capital expenditure will have to be increased: Prof. C. Pratap Ranjan Jaina of National Institute of Public Finance and Policy, New Delhi suggested increasing capital expenditure in various sectors. He said that there is a need to take forward investment in all the sectors that increase the state’s GDP.

Keep funds for women’s safety:

UN Women India Deputy Country Representative Kanta Singh said that Madhya Pradesh has done a great job for the gender budget. More funds should be given for women’s safety and care welding economics. Focus on climate change: Prof. Yogesh Dubey of Indian Forest Management Institute Bhopal stressed on making a separate budget for forests and water. Wildlife and environment and climate change should be kept in mind.

Additional budget for development: Senior Economic Advisor of Home Ministry, Government of India, V Pratap suggested that additional budget should be kept for investment in development work being done in various areas of infrastructure. Apart from this, attention should be paid to providing new employment opportunities.

Focus on children’s development: Ms. Hyun Hee Ben, Chief Social Policy, UNICEF India Delhi praised the Madhya Pradesh government for doing good work for women’s development. She suggested that more budget should be given for children’s development.

Subsidy should be given on stamp duty: CII’s ex-Chairman Prof. Siddharth Chaturvedi said that there should be a provision for subsidy on stamp duty in this budget. Also, the government should consider connecting women with start-ups, health, research in education, skillĀ and IT.


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