Budget of corruption, unfulfilled promises: Jitu

Bhopal: PCC Chief Jitu Patwari gave his reaction on the budget. He said the MP Bufget is the budget of corruption and unfulfilled promises. Jitu Patwari was talking to media persons in Chhindwara. He said that the Madhya Pradesh government has two budgets. One budget is a budget of deficit of about 80 thousand crores rupees. Here you will find a government of debt-crime-corruption. One of its budgets is Vyapam, Nursing, Transport, Mining, Patwari, Transfer, Excise, Master Plan and Metro, how to put money in it and how to do corruption, let everyone’s share in the loot be ours. This one part is a part of the three Cs of the government.

Jitu Patwari took a jibe at the government and said that what happened to the promise of giving 3 thousand rupees per month to the sisters. 3100 rupees for paddy and 2700 rupees for wheat, 450 rupees gas cylinder, relief from inflation, what happened to it. Free education, laptops and scooters for children, then those people of the family who have to be given scholarships along with free education, all these promises are still pending. Jitu Patwari raised questions and said that what is the reason that the children did not get laptops. What is the reason that the scholarship money did not come into the children’s account. What is the reason that the people of farmer families who were supposed to get 3100 rupees for paddy, did not get it. Neither cheap gas was available nor the farmers got a fair price for wheat and rice. In the tribal society, incidents of suicide have also come to the fore due to poverty, inflation and unemployment. Overall, both the government and the government’s budget have failed to fulfill the needs of the common people of Madhya Pradesh.


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