BSSS holds session on meditation and yoga practice

Bhopal: On the occasion of International Yoga Day, the NSS unit, NCC unit, and Physical Education Department of Bhopal School of Social Sciences organized a session on meditation and yoga practice for a healthy life.

Addressing the youth on this occasion, the college principal Dr Father John PJ said that the practice of yoga and meditation is very necessary for a healthy life. In today’s busy lifestyle, it is very important for the body to be healthy because only in a healthy body can a healthy mind work.

On this occasion, Gayatri Lakhera and Taran Singh explained the benefits of pranayam and Surya namaskar and advised everyone to adopt it in their daily lives.

After this, many yoga asanas were done and the youth were encouraged to a healthy lifestyle, and meditation was conducted. 71 boys and girls were present in the yoga session.

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