Brain Surgery Feasibility Test at BMHRC

Bhopal. The balloon occlusion test, a critical and complex procedure in interventional radiology, has been successfully initiated at Bhopal Memorial Hospital & Research Centre (BMHRC). This test is designed to determine if blocking a artery in the brain will still allow proper blood flow to other arterys. Recently, this test was conducted on a patient suffering from paralysis who had been referred from a multi-specialty hospital.

Dr. Sandeep Sorte, Associate Professor in the Neurosurgery Department at BMHRC, explained that a part of the patient’s right carotid artery had swollen like a balloon. The doctors were considering bypass surgery for the brain arteries, and this test was essential to determine the feasibility of the surgery.

The test was conducted by Dr. Radheshyam Meena, Associate Professor in the Radiology Department, along with Dr. Saurabh Dixit and visiting neurologist Dr. Prateek Bapat. Dr. Meena noted that this test is currently being performed in only a select few hospitals in Bhopal.

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