BJP busy in preparing a separate list of supporting voters

  • Strategy- Workers were given responsibility to continuously increase their affinity with voters

(Pravesh Kumar Mishra), New Delhi
BJP strategists, who make arithmetical claims of taking their member numbers to new heights with the help of missed calls, are busy these days in preparing a separate voter list of their supporting voters at the national level, equipped with technical resources, in order to prepare for the Lok Sabha elections.

Experts are saying that BJP strategists have been busy in giving shape to multi-level preparations since a year in advance for the preparation of Lok Sabha elections. Panchayat and block level trained teams are continuously working to activate the Panna Pramukhs and booth level teams. With the help of practical and emotional mantras like booth victories and election victories, the workers active at the micro level have been given the responsibility of continuously increasing their affinity with the voters. Such a trained team has been given the responsibility of not only discussing local issues among the common people but also of maintaining regular dialogue with effective and factual analysis on provincial and national level issues. Experts are saying that a data bank of active members from Panchayat to Booth level and Booth to Panna level has been prepared and its systematic list has been submitted at the provincial level through the block and district organization. However, despite having confidence in the workers, a system of surprise inspections has also been made to check the shortcomings and to practically check wrong information. The team active at the district and provincial level is constantly alert with the help of modern communication resources. Experts are saying that the teams of the organization are indirectly monitored by active volunteers of RSS. In such preparation, the role of potential candidates doing electoral politics at the local level has been kept strictly limited so that they cannot influence the quality of the report at any level. Experts are saying that in order to sharpen the election preparations, BJP strategists have prepared the data bank in the form of booth level list based on the information related to workers, direct supporters and members of various sections sympathetic to the party’s idea. Arrangements have been made on a large scale for preparation. Even though party strategists are naming this list as worker and supporter list instead of formally naming it as voter list, according to the factual information received, the party will use this list as supporter voter list in future. This list is being prepared from the existing voter list. For example, the party’s effort is that if out of five hundred voters, two hundred have directly joined the BJP, then the party is considering such two hundred voters as committed voters and preparing a separate list for them. By connecting such people with its networking system, the party is making efforts to not only make them aware of the party’s activities taking place in a particular area, but also to provide factual reports regarding the policies adopted by the provincial and national level governments to them through mobile. Arrangements are being made for delivery.

PM’s message being delivered at booth level

Under the same process, the broadcast of Mann Ki Baat being done by Prime Minister Narendra Modi from time to time is also being taken to the booth level. Under this system, party strategists are not only developing a permanent sense of belonging in the minds of such supporters, but are also preparing to give an organized challenge to the workers of opposition parties at the booth level with the help of supporters equipped with national and provincial level information. However, this time in the name of election preparation, BJP strategists have started making such a system which can prove to be not only a deep and strong base for their organizational roots but also a well-organized organization that can challenge the opposition parties at multi-level. A chain of ideologically dedicated voters will also be ready at the booth level.

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