Atishi urges Delhi to use water carefully amid crisis; calls emergency meeting

New Delhi, June 15 (UNI) Appealing to the people of the national capital to use water carefully amid the crisis, Delhi Water Minister and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Atishi alleged on Saturday that the city is facing a severe water crisis due to a significant reduction in supply from Haryana, resulting in a decrease in water production by 70 million gallons per day.

Addressing the media, Atishi said, “During this severe heatwave in Delhi, the temperature is reaching 46–47 degrees Celsius, and there is a water crisis in the city. Even now, water is not reaching Delhi in sufficient quantity.”

“City’s water production has dropped to 932 MGD due to insufficient inflow from Haryana. The water level at the Wazirabad Barrage has plunged by six feet to 668.5 feet, and the water received from Munak Canal has decreased to 902 cusecs,” she said.

“In response to the emergency, the Delhi Jal Board (DJB) has connected borewells in West Delhi to underground reservoirs and increased the number of tanker trips to 10,000 daily,” Atishi said.

The water minister also called an emergency meeting today on the issue and instructed the Delhi Jal Board to increase the number of tankers in the city and ensure that water is delivered through tankers to the places where it is not reaching.

Atishi further informed us that she spoke to Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh regarding this issue and got assurances of help.

“In such a situation, we appealed to Haryana on humanitarian grounds to give some additional water to Delhi. The Upper Yamuna River Board has advised Delhi and Haryana to hold a bilateral meeting and consider whether Haryana can give some extra water to Delhi,” Atishi said.

She further appealed to the people of Delhi to use water carefully and thoughtfully. If people in the areas where water is being supplied use less water, then water can be supplied to the places where water is not reaching, Atishi added.

Regarding the supply of contaminated water, Atishi said, “Dirty water comes when the motor continues to run even after the water supply time is over, and if there is a hole in the water pipeline, then it draws contaminated water.”

“The second reason is that when people make a hole in the water pipeline and draw their pipeline, it pulls soil along with it. We are also repairing the water pipeline at such places,” she added.

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