Atharva takes a stand against bullies, enters college elections in ‘Wagle Ki Duniya’

New Delhi, (UNI) Sony SAB’s popular show ‘Wagle Ki Duniya – Nayi Peedi Naye Kissey’ presently highlights the journey of youngest member of Wagle family, Atharva Wagle (Sheehan Kapahi) who confronts bullying at his dream college.

Recent episodes saw Atharva grappling with the challenges of college life, exacerbated by his mother Vandana’s (Pariva Pranati) interference, which led to more teasing.

Determined to bring change, Atharva stands up to the bullies and, encouraged by his friend Aditi (Bhoomi Shah), decides to contest the college elections against Abhimanyu (Arham Sawant), a wealthy student intending to win by unfair means.

Sheehan Kapahi commented, “Atharva’s decision to contest the elections is his way of making a difference by gaining a position of power. It’s a pivotal moment as he realises the need to stand on his own in college.”

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