Assembly elections in J&K, restoration of statehood very soon: Modi

Srinagar, June 20 (UNI) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday reached out to the people of Jammu and Kashmir and announced that the Assembly polls and restoration of the state would be done in near future.

He said the time is not far away when people of J&K through votes would elect their new representatives.

Speaking at ‘Empowering Youth, Transforming J&K’ event in Srinagar during his first visit after being sworn in for the third consecutive term, Modi said people of Jammu and Kashmir would elect their representatives at the local level and through them they would find ways to solve problems.

“What can be better than this? Therefore, now the preparations for the Assembly elections have also started. The time is not far when you will elect the new government of Jammu and Kashmir with your votes. That day will also come soon, when Jammu and Kashmir will once again make its future better as a state,” Modi announced.

PM Modi said he was trying to bridge distances between the hearts and Delhi.

“I am making efforts to bridge distances between Delhi and Jammu and Kashmir, ensuring connection of hearts,” he said.

Modi said the previous generation in Kashmir have witnessed troubled past and he wants the new generation should not suffer the same way.

The Prime Minister said the changes that J&K is witnessing, after the highest ever voter turnout in the recently concluded Lok Sabha polls, was a result of the BJP’s work throughout the last 10 years.

“ The wall of Article 370 collapsed and the fruits of the Constitution ensured in JK. Today the Indian Constitution has truly been implemented in J&K,” he said.

Prime Minister Modi arrived in Srinagar on Thursday afternoon on a two day visit amid a multi-layer security blanket in place.

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