Apple, Microsoft ranked most expensive brands worldwide in 2023

Washington, Nov 21 (UNI) US tech giants Apple and Microsoft remain the most expensive brands worldwide, with their brand value standing at $502.7 billion and $316.7 billion, respectively, the Interbrand Best Global Brands 2023 ranking showed on Tuesday.

“Apple remains the #1 brand for the 11th year in a row. It is the first brand to rise above half a trillion USD in brand value,” the ranking showed.

Amazon and Google have taken third and fourth places, with their brand value estimated at $276.9 billion and $260.26 billion, followed by Samsung and Toyota ($91.4 billion and $64.5 billion), according to the ranking.

Mercedes-Benz ($61.4 billion), Coca-Cola ($58 billion), Nike ($53.7 billion) and BMW ($51.2 billion) have closed the top-10 most expensive brands list, the ranking showed.

Meanwhile, the total value of the 100 most expensive brands in the world has risen by 5.7%, with Airbnb the fastest riser (+21.8%), despite entering the list last year, according to the ranking.

“The rate of growth in the overall brand value of the table slowed sharply after last year’s significant increase – rising 5.7% this year compared to last year’s 16% increase, taking the total brand value to $3.3 trillion ($3.1 trillion in 2022),” Interbrand said.

US management consulting company Interbrand was founded in 1974. The valuation of the companies’ brands is conducted by Interbrand based on its own methodology.

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