Amarwada: There will be a contest between Kamlesh and Monica, picture is clear!

  • Dissatisfied workers increasing problems of both parties
  • More factionalism visible in BJP camp

Omprakash Mishra / Amar Gir, Chhindwara
Recently, Congress has declared candidates for the remaining 6 assembly seats in the district. Congress has again fielded Raja Kamlesh Pratap Shah, the sitting MLA from Amarwada Assembly. After the sitting MLA got the ticket, the election battle between BJP and Congress in the assembly has become even more interesting.

It is noteworthy that even before this, Monica Batti’s father Manmohan Shah Batti and Kamlesh Pratap Shah had fought against each other in the assembly elections, whereas at that time All India Gondwana Party was also in a strong position. Due to which Amarwada assembly was known by triangular contest, this time again the candidates of both rivals BJP and Congress are face to face in the assembly elections. Who beats whom in the game of political checkmate will become clear only after the election results are declared on 3rd December. This time, with Monica joining BJP, there is no clarity in the contest. Whatever may be the case, the assembly elections have become interesting. Current MLAs Kamlesh Pratap Shah and Monica Shah Batti are contesting against each other for the first time. However, this time from Amarwada Assembly, BJP is playing a big gamble and has fielded Monica Shah, who had joined BJP a few days ago, in front of the sitting MLA. Now it remains to be seen who will have the upper hand in this election season. At present, there is a possibility of a very interesting contest between the two leaders in Amarwada Assembly.

Dissatisfied workers are increasing the problems – BJP and Congress have fielded their respective candidates, but dissatisfied leaders and workers of both the parties are seen increasing the heartbeat of both the parties. Another leader who was a contender for the ticket for the BJP candidate and a large number of workers associated with him have not been seen at the booth till now nor have they been seen supporting the candidate. On the other hand, some workers have also expressed their protest against the Congress candidate to senior leaders of Chhindwara and have also demanded change of candidate. Amidst all this, ignoring the opposition, the Congress High Command has given the ticket to the sitting MLA only after double survey and due to this, the Congress appears to be in a strong position.

Gondwana candidate can spoil the equation

Gondwana Party is gaining prominence in Amarwada assembly constituency, in fact, in the 2003 assembly elections, it had hoisted its flag by defeating BJP and Congress and in the last election, this party was even successful in pushing BJP to the third position. If seen from this, Gondwana’s candidate can spoil the electoral equation. On the other hand, Gondwana Party workers are angry to a great extent due to Monica Shah joining BJP. However, from here, who Gondwana will make as its candidate remains in the future.

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