AIIMS Bhopal achieves new milestone

Bhopal: Under the guidance of Executive Director Prof. (Dr.) Ajai Singh, the Ophthalmology Department of AIIMS Bhopal has achieved another significant milestone. On June 29, the department received two eye donations for corneal retrieval, marking a momentous occasion in its ongoing efforts to restore vision to those in need.

Ayush Jharbade, a resident of Mandideep, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, exhibited exceptional generosity and humanity by voluntarily donating the corneas of his late father, Ganesh Jharbade, aged 42 years. This philanthropic contribution will provide vision to two individuals, significantly enhancing their quality of life.

Expressing his gratitude, Prof. (Dr.) Ajai Singh stated, “We are extremely grateful to our eye donors and their families. Their selfless donation has set a remarkable example of social contribution and compassion. These donations are a ray of hope and light for the visually impaired.” The Ophthalmology Department at AIIMS Bhopal is committed to bringing revolutionary changes in the lives of many by restoring their vision through this program.

Dr. Bhavana Sharma, head of the Eye Department, explained the importance of corneal donations: “The cornea is a dome-shaped surface on the eye that helps focus while reading or seeing. When a person donates their eyes after death, the cornea is removed and transplanted into the eyes of someone whose cornea is damaged, allowing them to see again. When the cornea of a person’s eye is damaged and cannot be treated with medicine, doctors recommend corneal transplant surgery.”

AIIMS Bhopal has been performing corneal retrieval for the past five years, and this recent achievement underscores its dedication to improving the lives of individuals through advanced medical interventions.

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