Administrative surgery soon in MP

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
With the end of the assembly session, a small expansion of the cabinet is also happening. Now, it is believed that administrative surgery can happen in the state anytime.

In this reshuffle, collectors of about one and a half dozen districts may be affected, especially those collectors who were posted in the Shivraj government, those who have done collectorship of two-three districts and who have also got time.

In the reshuffle, it may also happen that promoted officers are removed from the districts and posted in the ministry and young officers are given a chance in their place. In this reshuffle, the luck of those officers can also shine, who have not been able to become collector of any district till now.

These include Kedar Singh, Vivek Shrotriya etc. of 2012 batch. The officers include Umashankar Bhargava, Rishi Garg etc.

Names in discussion

The names in the reshuffle include Ravindra Chaudhary of Shivpuri, Sanjeev Srivastava of Bhind, Harsh Dixit of Rajgarh, Praveen Singh of Sehore, Dinesh Jain of Neemuch, Priyank Mishra of Dhar, Anoop Kumar Singh of Khandwa, Rishabh Gupta of Dewas, Bhavya Mittal of Burhanpur, Sheetala Patel of Narsinghpur, Avi Prasad of Katni, Anurag Verma of Satna, Sandeep GR of Chhatarpur, Deepak Arya of Sagar, Vikas Mishra of Dindori etc. It is also possible that the collectors of some of these districts may be posted in comparatively bigger districts. In place of these collectors, 11 IAS officers of direct recruitment of 2015 batch can be posted. Sanskriti Jain, the number one IAS officer of this batch, has already been made the collector. Along with this, promoted officers of 2011, 12, 13 and 14 batches can also get a chance.

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