Accused of fraud of Rs 10 crore through fake bank guarantee arrested

Crime Watch
Bhopal: The Crime Branch has arrested the mastermind who was absconding for two years and committed fraud by presenting fake bank guarantees. The accused, the owner and proprietor of Tirupati Construction, used to commit fraud by submitting fake bank guarantees. The accused committed a fraud of about Rs 10 crore by preparing fake documents in the name of bank guarantee. DCP Shailendra Singh Chauhan said that the complainant Zonal Manager NPCC Regional Office B 29 Rajdeep Royal Mahakali Society Trilanga Shahpura MA Mansuri had complained about fraud by Nitin Subhash Sharma, proprietor of Shri Tirupati Construction, by presenting fake bank guarantee.

Investigation revealed that on September 17, 2018, an agreement was signed between NPCC and Shri Tirupati Construction for the construction work of ITI Jabalpur, ITI Rewa, ITI Shahdol for Rs 113.4 crore. As per the contract, Shree Tirupati Construction had to give this amount to NPCC in the form of 5 percent performance bank guarantee. Which was given through United Bank of India Dharampath Branch Nagpur, UCO Bank Gurgaon Branch Nagpur. After the expiry of these bank guarantees, new bank guarantees of different banks were given by Shri Tirupati Construction on 4 May 2021. When all these bank guarantees were checked by NPCC, the concerned banks told that all these bank guarantees have not been issued by their banks, and all of them are fake.

Police arrested the accused from Nagpur. Thus, Nitin Subhash Sharma, owner of Shree Tirupati Construction, resident of Flat No. 1203 Capital Heights Medical Store, Nagpur, committed a fraud of Rs 10.12 crore with NPCC by manipulating the bank guarantee and using it as real. When this information came to light, a case was registered under other sections including fraud. During investigation, accused Subhash Nitin Sharma had absconded. The team, which was continuously tracking him, arrested him from Somarwada area of Nagpur on technical grounds.


Miscreants stole Rs 30,000 by changing ATM card

In Bajaria area of the capital, fraudsters who withdraw money from people’s accounts by changing ATM cards have committed another crime. The accused defrauded a person of Rs 30 thousand. According to the police, Rajdev Yadav, a resident of Chandbad, works in a private sector. On Tuesday, he had gone to an ATM booth located in Purushottam Nagar to withdraw money. He was processing transactions in the machine. But the amount was not withdrawn, at that very moment a young man came inside the booth and started processing it, asking to help him in withdrawing the amount. Later he said that perhaps due to technical glitch the amount would not be withdrawn. Meanwhile, the vicious man, showing sleight of hand, kept his ATM with him, handed him another ATM and went away. The complainant had no idea about this. Later he came to know that about Rs 30 thousand had been withdrawn from his account. He got his ATM card blocked and complained to the police. After investigation, police have registered a case against unknown person. At present, the footage of CCTV cameras inside the ATM booth will be scrutinized.


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