7 killed in armed attack in Brazil

Rio De Janeiro, June 21 (UNI) At least seven people were killed and two injured early Thursday morning when armed assailants attacked a celebration at a town square in Brazil’s northeast Ceara state, Military Police confirmed.

Images captured by security cameras overlooking the square in the town of Vicosa do Ceara show several vehicles arrive at the scene, armed suspects get out and force several people to put their hands on their heads.

Witnesses said they heard at least 50 gunshots, leaving seven people dead at the scene, including men and women. The two injured were taken to the municipal hospital.

Authorities have identified no motive for the attack but noted at least one of the fatal victims was wearing an ankle monitor, the kind typically worn by those on parole or awaiting trial.

The attack, which has the markings of gang warfare or organised crime rivalry, is the second violent incident in Vicosa do Ceara in recent years, after four people were shot dead inside a home in December 2021.

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