4 schools, including SAGE, will have to return increased fees

  • Collector imposes fine of Rs 2 lakh each

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
District Collector Kaushalendra Singh has directed four popular schools of the city, DPS, SAGE, Chaitanya Techno and Campion School, to return the increased fees collected from the parents. Apart from this, a fine of Rs 2 lakh each has also been imposed on these schools under the provisions of the Fee Act.

The District Education Officer Bhopal has issued notices to all the four schools on Thursday. In this, they have been asked to return the increased fees within 30 days to the parents. For the first time in the history of the capital, a major action has been taken under the Fee Act.

It is worth mentioning that many private schools of the state had increased the fees in the new academic session without the permission of the government. Even the children were asked to buy dress and books from designated shops. The complaint was first made in Jabalpur, on which the district administration there took action to return the increased fees of these schools and impose a fine. After this, on the instructions of CM Dr. Mohan Yadav, a committee was formed to investigate the arbitrary actions of private schools in the entire state. In this way, on receiving the investigation report of the committee, the collectors have instructed the private schools to return the increased fees. It is said that more than 5000 children study in the above four famous schools of Bhopal. If their increased fees are returned, this amount can be in crores.

Action taken because of this:

Under the Fee Act, no school can increase the fees by more than 10 percent. Even before increasing the fees, permission has to be taken by informing the government 90 days before the start of the session. These schools have not done so and have directly increased the fees. Action has been taken against these four schools after being found guilty in the investigation. At the same time, a fine has also been imposed on Delhi Public School of Kolar, SAGE International School of Sagar Group, Chaitanya Techno School and Campion School Bhauri under Section 9 of the Fee Act. A fine of two lakh rupees will be imposed on all four schools.

Fees will have to be returned in 30 days

On the instructions of the collector, notices have been issued to four schools and it has been clearly stated that the schools will have to return the increased fees to the parents within 30 days. The school management will send the complete list to the District Education Officer’s office within seven days. The schools have also been fined for increasing the fees without the permission of the government.

–       Ajni Kumar Tripathi, DEO, Bhopal.


Property of Sehore St. Anne’s School confiscated

For the first time in the district, the property of Sehore’s St. Anne’s School was confiscated to curb the arbitrariness of private schools. After investigating the complaint of arbitrarily increasing the fees and pressuring to buy books and copies from a designated shop, Collector Praveen Singh had imposed a fine of Rs 2 lakh on the said school. But on not depositing the fine amount within the stipulated time, the collector ordered the confiscation of the school’s property. On which Tehsildar Neelam Parsendia, along with the Revenue, Education Department and Municipality staff, took action of attachment and seized 15 computers worth Rs. 2 lakh from the school. Tehsildar Neelam said that the school management was given a deadline to return the fees, but the management did not agree. They did not even return the children’s fees. On the instructions of the Collector, we recovered a fine amount of Rs. 2 lakh on 15 computers and seized the goods.

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