15 shot during Juneteenth celebration in US

San Francisco, June 21 (UNI) A shooting during a Juneteenth celebration at Lake Merritt in Oakland, U.S. state of California, left 15 people injured, police said on Thursday.

The crowds were peaceful until around 8:15 p.m. local time Wednesday when an illegal sideshow involving vehicles and motorbikes occurred near Grand Avenue and Bellevue Avenue, Oakland Police Department said in a press release.

During the sideshow, someone walked onto the hood of a car, which led to the occupants getting out and assaulting that person. Then came the gunfire, Oakland Police Department Chief Floyd Mitchell said at a press conference Thursday afternoon.

The Oakland Fire Department said it transported at least four gunshot victims to a local hospital. Police also took some victims to nearby hospitals. Other victims were self-transported.

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