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5:14 pm - Saturday March 25, 2017

Zardari may quit

Mr.Asif Ali Zardari is likely to step down from the Presidency of Pakistan in near future. On the directive of the Supreme Court the corruption case against him in the Swiss Court will be restored. The Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr.Pervez Ashraf submitted before the Supreme Court that the Attorney General was asked to withdraw his letter of advice that corruption case against President be closed as it could be framed against the serving President.

It will enable the government to proceed with the case against Mr.Zardari. Under that situation Mr.Zardari will have no other option but demit the office and face the trial. Long before becoming the President Mr.Zardari was charged with corruption and accumulating money in Swiss Banks when his wife was the Prime Minister of Pakistan.
He was sent to prison for a long time. After some sort of political deal the military President of Pakistan General Pervez Musharaff promulgated a National Reconciliation ordinance and pardoned him.
Subsequently the Supreme Court on a petition declared the ordinance as ultra virus to the constitution and cases against Mr.Zardari to proceed further.
The Court directed the Prime Minister Mr.Yuzuf Raza Gilani to write to Swiss Court to restart the trial against Mr.Zardari. But the Prime Minister declined to do so on the plea that by that time Mr.Zardari was President of Pakistan and had constitutional immunity from prosecution.
But the Supreme Court rejected his plea and directed to proceed against Zardari. Even then the Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani refused to budge from his stand and he was sentenced for contempt of court and had to resign as a convicted person cannot hold the post of Prime Minister. He was succeeded by Mr.Parvez Ashraf as Prime Minister who is complying with the directive of the Supreme Court.


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