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4:19 am - Tuesday November 21, 2017

Wizard of sound healing clinic in Bhopal

Bhopal : The grand opening of the “Wizard of Sound Healing Clinic” was held on Sunday at E-6/74, Arera Colony, Near IDBI Bank, where Vishwas Sarang, Minister of State (Independent Charge), inaugurated the Wizard of Sound Healing Clinic set up by sound healer Aarti Sinha in Bhopal (www.wizard ofsound.com). This is the first of its kind sound healing clinic in Central India and Aarti Sinha, the founder of the Wizard of Sound, is the first woman Gong Healer in Central India.

Aarti Sinhahas been an active mystic professional and has been involved in the field of alternative health and holistic well-being since the past 20 (twenty) years and has played a pivotal role in shaping many lives. She is also a renowned Tarot Master, Crystal Therapist, Graphologist, Chakra Healer, counsellor and life coach.

At the Wizard of SoundHealing Clinic, Aarti has a wide array of Gongs and Singing Bowls specifically procured from all across the globe, to attend to every single need of the human physical and mental faculties.

She engages with individuals to facilitate transformation in their lives in all areas of life such as health (physical, mental, emotional), career, business and relationships. Singing Bowls and Gongs are struck and played on a particular frequency with a conscious use of the energy of the sound to reach identified goals and system to promote wellness in human beings.

As a sound healer, Aarti Sinha has the ability to produce sound waves corresponding to different chakras and putting the chakras back in balance and harmony to help one feel better and enjoy good health. As these bowls are made up of seven metals including lead, tin, gold, silver, copper, mercury and iron, their unique frequencies go to the cellular level to detoxify your mind, body and soul.

“Wizard of Sound is the brain child of a series of life events, a journey and the evolution on a path to contribute to individual growth and well-being across people,” remarked Aarti Sinha, founder of the Wizard of Sound.“My extensive experience suggests that through healing, guidance and meditation, each of one us can attain and become better versions of ourselves.”

“It is with this vision that Wizard of Sound was created to provide an outlet for our mind, body and soul to heal itself and uncap its true potential. Sound Healing intends to rejuvenate and relax and also helps you to heal without drugs.”

At the Wizard of Sound Healing Clinic, one can get relief from pain, stress-related conditions, blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, auto immune diseases, frozen shoulder, varicose veins, special children, autism, spondylitis, cancer and many more diseases.

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