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1:28 pm - Friday March 24, 2017

What’s in store for Katrina, Salman, Akshay and Priyanka in 2013?

Katrina_Salman_Akshay_PriyankaWhich actors will have a smooth ride and who will get into trouble? How will the industry do financially? Tarot tells us what awaits Bollywood and its stars this year

Planet Venus – the planet of love, creativity, beauty and entertainment – rules 2013; therefore it is the perfect year for the Indian film industry to push its boundaries and step on to the next level. The Queen of Swords reinforces the impact women will have through female orientated films which will be hugely appreciated.
The Seven of Pentacles, the Judgement card along with the Ten of Wands indicate that the industry will pick up after a slow February and receive acclaim through the works of passionate filmmakers and clever producers.

Take a peek at some your favourite actors and the year ahead for them:
Salman Khan will find his risks paying off. As shown by the King of Wands, it will be his adaptability that will pave the way to another successful year for him.
Shahrukh Khan will see his hard work come together. He will be more balanced and level headed. A year with a lot of travel and successful outcomes. Akshay Kumar is going to endure temperamental phases in February and November. Ajay Devgn is blessed with tremendous financial successes, especially as the Queen of Wands represents lady luck and strength.

Ranveer Singh will also have a successful 2013. The Queen of Cups and the Strength card represent his ability to use his charm to gain a larger fan following.
Madhuri Dixit-Nene, like the Temperance, will have a balanced and successful year but will face some possible personal disappointments.
Priyanka Chopra will give all the actors a run for their money. She will be energetic, creative and with the King and Queen of Pentacles – money will multiply quite quickly.

Katrina Kaif will look to increase her acting fee, but the Five of Wands does warn her to avoid unnecessary arguments.
Anushka Sharma too will face some conflicts, but will positively progress in her work. She will need to remain cautious with her choice of words.
Sonakshi Sinha is going to get the rough with the smooth. Some very tough times ahead, but that’s where she will excel and brush off the negativity. Overall, she will come out on top.
February and August are going to be lean months for Bollywood – but the remaining 10 months are going to be tremendously successful, with some old actors and filmmakers coming into form and with some unexpected successes through a new wave of entrants.

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