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7:42 am - Tuesday January 23, 2018

Turmoil on Jellikattu

Despite ordinance and subsequently turning it into an Act by passing a bill to that effect in the State Assembly, the agitation is going on more severe note. Strangely the ban on Kattu was placed some three years ago when Jayalalitha was Chief Minister by a Central Government notification.

In all these three years there were no agitation and it was accepted. But after her death this non-issue was made more vocal issue on the name of culture of Tamil Nadu. It appears that either it is a deliberate move by the Opposition parties in State or some internal infight in the ruling AIADMK that a forgotten issue and accepted ban was made issue to harass the new Government of Chief Minister Mr.Paneer Selvam.

One fails to understand as to what has happened so suddenly that Kattu has became such a violent episode. The pro-Kattu elements themselves demanded an immediate ordinance on it. The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Mr.Paneer Selvam and the Union Home Minister Mr.Rajnath Singh worked out a formula to meet the demand to defuse the situation that State would issue an ordinance and make it a law. Even then agitators are not satisfied made a new demand that permanent law be enacted or it.

The agitators fully understand that before 6 months a new Bill would be brought before the State Legislature to that effect. But the agitators became more violent a police station was set on fire in Chennai. It appears almost certain that certain elements want to keep the agitation alive as anti-Government measures. Now in Tamil Nadu another non issue is being made an issue of agitation.

In Sri Lanka after the elimination of LTTE, the issue of self-determination by the Tamils of Sri Lanka is no longer a issue. But the State Government is asking the Centre to take up the issue of war crimes on Sri Lanka in international fora and secure right to self determination for Lankan Tamil. Such disastrous move will push Sri Lanka more towards China and against India.

The Government of India is helping Sri Lanka in the rehabilitation of Tamils in Sri Lanka and now all such issues will provoke Sri Lanka to turn hostile against India. The regional issue and whipping up emotions in the State of Tamil Nadu will go against the interest of India.

The Modi should take national view all such moves in Tamil Nadu politics. Such emotional issues are being fanned up with an eye on next Vidhan Sahba election to oust AIADMK from power in the post Jayalalitha period.

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