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12:38 pm - Wednesday November 22, 2017

Trump Warns Pak

American President Mr Donald Trump warned the Pakistan that the U.S. can no longer be silent about Pakistan continuing safe heavens for terrorist organisation the Talibans and other groups that pose threat to the region and beyond.

The Pakistan to lose much by harbouring terrorists. Announcing his Afghan policy he said the U.S. will take action within Pakistan if it did not stop backing terrorists battling American forces in the Afghanistan.

In Afghan war the 2200 American soldiers were killed. Presently there are 8500 American troops and 4000 more are being sent there. He said the U.S. is giving billions of dollar to Pakistan to smash terrorists but it is providing shelter to them and than are launching attacks inside Afghanistan. He firmly declared that America is not withdrawing it Armed forces from the Afghanistan.

Otherwise it would create void there and AlQauda and Islamic State terrorists would take advantage it. Mr Trump said the U.S. would deal with terrorists in Afghanistan and urged India to help Afghanistan in development. He recognized the Indian help to Afghanistan in its development. He urged India to step up it involvement in war-turn Afghanistan.

The U.S. India strategic partnership going beyond South Asia into Indo-Pacific. He urged India to help U.S. more in Afghanistan with all the billions dollars it makes in the trade with it. Since 2001 India has been the fifth largest aid provider to Afghanistan. There are 16,000 Afghanistan students studying in India.

This year to India has already committed extra one billion dollar for development of Afghanistan. India welcomed the Trump policy in Afghanistan the decision to combat terrorism there in the move more troops there. Welcoming the Trump declaration the Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani said it would increase the capacity of the training mission for the Afghanistan forces.

Mr Trump emphatically told Pakistan we have been paying Pakistan billions and billion of dollars at the same time than are housing the very terrorists we are fighting but that will have to change immediately. These terrorist killers need to know they have nowhere to hide. Pakistan is harbouring about 20 terrorists groups to carry out terrorists attacks in India and Afghanistan.

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