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3:01 pm - Friday April 20, 2018

Triple Talaq Bill

The Lok Sabha passed the Bill making the Triple Talaq a criminal offence and offending husband liable to pay maintenance to the wife within short time of seven hours. Now the Bill is on to Rajya Sabha.

This shows the keenness of the Parliament in dealing with the actions of social and society reforms. It had already banned polygamy and dowry in the Hindu society. The Muslim society too need legislative support and action in more reforms and discard of evil practices against women.

The Triple Talaq Bill is specified in the cases of triple Talaq only and will not cover other form of Talaq. In the Shahbano case the Supreme Court allowed the payment of maintenance to Muslim women after the divorce. But conservative Muslims opposed it and the Prime Minister Mr.Rajiv Gandhi under their pressure nullified the Supreme Court judgment by enacting another law.

Now the Modi Government should bring forward another Bill to repeal the Act that nullified the Shahbano case judgment. Otherwise Muslim women divorced in another form will not be entitled to get maintenance. It will create contradiction in the cases of divorces.

The Repeal Act should clearly state that it will restore the Supreme Court judgment in Shahbano case in its full effect in granting maintenance to divorced women. In the Hindu Society the polygamy was prevalent and no number of wives were fixed. The Parliament abolished the polygamy in the Hindu society but left out Muslim community on religious ground.

Now the time has come to bring up a legislation to abolish and ban polygamy among the Muslims also. It is also a great injustice and insecurity of Muslims women. The ‘Pardah-Burka’ system in Muslim society should also be banned by law. France has recently banned the “Burka” wearing by Muslim women. In the modern days India Hindu women have discarded Parda – Ghunghat”.

Even many Muslim also have discarded Burka. The Women is referred and accepted as half of the world. No society can progress by keeping and discriminating of half of it on outdated gender bias. The way Lok Sabha has passed the Bill on Triple Talaq in 7 hours, with the same speed to should pull out from drawer the Women Reservation Bill, pending for years, and pass it within few hours.

Special provisions be made for Women education. There should not be any school or college fee for girls. Whipping should be made compulsory in the penal laws for crimes against women.

The Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Mr.Shivraj Singh Chouhan has taken initiative in this regard by passing a Bill for death penalty who sexually violate girl child.

The Central Government should make provision of physical punishment for the persons who commit crimes against women. The security to women is most important issue. It are on rise and situation is alarming.

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