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11:36 am - Saturday April 21, 2018

Tiger in Danger

The Madhya Pradesh not only famous for being the state of origin of white tiger in the whole world but has reputation as the first and best state in India in tiger conservation and as a result of having largest number of tigers in India.

The reputation of Kanha Kisli, Bandhavgarh have surpassed the Corbett National Park of Uttar Pradesh. But recently it came as a shock and disbelief that large number of pouching, hunting of tigers are going in highest numbers in the Madhya Pradesh.

In the first 10 months of the year 2017 in ten months from January to October 18 tigers were killed. Besides gun hunting it are also killed by laying trap with electric wire to hit it with electric currents.

The average killing of tigers in the Madhya Pradesh as came to 2 per months. Last year in 2016 out of total 95 deaths in whole country 33 were in Madhya Pradesh alone. In 1995 the Madhya Pradesh was declared as Tiger State of India having 20 per cent tiger population in the country and that was 10 per cent of world tiger population.

The Madhya Pradesh is setting up another Tiger Sanctuary at Palpur-Kano in Morena district. But it must take strict measure to protect the wild life. Like death penalty for rape the state it must make provision of death penalty for hunting tigers by any means.

The State has sent a proposal to the Centre of Rs.1200 crores to insulate entire electric wiring in the tiger areas. The wire killing of the big cat is very cruel and it may cause devastating forest fire anytime. It has be dealt with sternly.

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