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12:12 am - Friday February 23, 2018

Taliban Attack

Few days ago the US dropped a massive non-nuclear bomb at Taliban hideouts in Afghanistan and in retaliation the Taliban made a deadliest attack-ever on Afghan military base killing 140 Afghan soldiers at Mazar-E-Sharif. While America wanted to send a strong message to Talibans, they also by their this attacks, showed their presence in many more area in the Afghanistan.

For all the time Afghanistan was landlocked by India-Pakistan and Iran and Russia was a peaceful, free and backwards country. Its only identity in the world was it being biggest opium grower and of best quality. It is its major sources of income. For a long time opium remained as major source of foreign exchange earnings.

For centuries China was notorious for being country of opium addicts. Afghanistan is a typical example of a country ruined by political uncertainties. It was a Kingdom and going on very well. Once the King Zaheer went to Italy on a state visit and in his absence from the country his step brother Dewood staged a coop and captured power.

King Zaheer could not return and sought and given political asylum. Dawood himself was a removed in a military coup and since then the country faced so much political uncertainty that its mighty neighbor Rusia than known as Soviet Union become apprehensive that America might step on there. To preempt the move the Russia sent its Army there and backed military ruler Najubullah. This situation made the Afghanistan hotbed of international political pulls between America and Russia.

At this time the America and Pakistan brought up Osama Bin Laden and helped him with money and material to organise Talibans movement to harass Russia there with Guerilla war. At one time Soviet Union all of a sudden decided to pull back its entire Army and leave the Afghanistan to its fate.

This plunged the Afghanistan worst fight of civil war with many factions fighting each other to full up the vaccume in power by capturing power. The Talibans with American and Pakistan support-captured the power and Osama Bin Laden became ruler there even after his killing by US in Pakistan his outfit Talibans trying to capture power again through terrorism. What is a store for Afghanistan still not clear.

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