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5:58 pm - Tuesday July 25, 2017

Talaq Atrocities

The Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi has assured the Muslim women that justice should be done to them. Nobody should be exploited. Atrocities being committed on them on the name and practice of ‘triple talaq’. The message is very clear as a commitment to women and warning to those who support the practice of triple talaq.

The Sunni Board of Muslim Personal Law first said that there should not be any change in the religious dictate on talaq. At taking note and fearing the back lash over the Board amended its stand and made an promise that it would at would within 18 months get it abolished. But the Muslim women asked why they need time of 18 months. Why it could be done right now.

The Board again changed the stand and stated that it would make rules and procedures on the issue of triple talaq. But the Board wanted that provision of triple talaq should continue as it was.

Meanwhile a report has come from Pilibhit in Uttar Pradesh that one Matalb married Rehana 18 years back and went to U.S. Later he brought her back droped here and returned to US. From there gave her triple talaq on telephone. When she refused to accept it her in laws here in India made scid attack on her. Like ‘sati’ and dehej (dowry) abolitions from the Hindu societies the triple talaq should be removed from Muslim society.

The Shia Muslim Personal Law Board has also assailed the Sunny Muslim Personal Law. The Shia board held that triple talaq as obnoxious practice and be abolished. The ball is set rolling against triple talaq and it is gathering mass.

The Sunny board should ensure talaq to the practice of talaq itself. The triple talaq is an outdated and gross injustice to muslim women. It should be done away with it and grand equal status to women.

The Personal Law Board itself should take up the social and community welfare to see that women are also getting higher education and security in the married life.

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