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2:25 pm - Saturday March 4, 0051

Sudden Cardiac death can be prevented by implantation of ICD device

23nn1Staff Reporter, Bhopal
A one day CME programme on ‘Cardiology Today and Tomorrow’ was organized in MP Nagar today. Inaugurating the conference Mr KD Khan, Chief Information Commissioner, Govt. of MP said that diabetes and heart attack are reaching alarming and epidemic proportions and such CME programmes should be regularly organized so that the current information regarding prevention of these diseases can be disseminated in the medical fraternity and public.

Dr Pankaj Manoria said that sudden cardiac death occurs in partients with coronary artery diseases, cardiomyopathies, certain electrical disturbance of heart etc. The patients for prone for sudden cardiac death should be promptly recognized and ICD implantation should be provided to them to prevent sudden cardiac death.

Dr Peeyush Jain, Delhi spoke on increase lipid in blood and said that this is an important cause of heart attack and statin should be utilized to modulate lipids in the blood.

Dr PC Manoria, suggested simple and practical ways to prevent life style diseases. He said that waist line is life line. If the waist line increases, the life line will decrease. The waist line should be <90 cm in male and <80 cm in female. We should keep away from MacDonald and TV Cola Culture, if this is adopted the person will get engulfed in the triad of oesity, diabetes and heart attact. Consumption of fast food should be avoided because fast food kills faster. We should walk more, smile and sleep well.

Dr Anil Saxena, Delhi delivered a lecture on rhythm disorders of the heart and said that radio frequency ablation is an effective modality for treatment of these diseases. Dr N Chandra spoke on bio-absorbable stents and said that they will be a boon for patients of coronary artery disease.

Dr SK Parashar, Organizing Secretary offered vote of thanks.

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