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2:59 am - Wednesday May 25, 2016

Spectrum Tangle

The Union Cabinet has decided the complex issue of spectrum by taking a policy decision that upto 4.4 MHZ there would no fee and above it upto 8.8 MHZ one time fee would be charged.

Earlier the NDA Government of Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee formulated the policy of allotment on the basis of first come first served and the succeeding Government of UPA followed it as it is  – the allotment process. But the reports of Comptroller and Auditor General of India concluded that due to allotment process, the state had incurred huge losses of crores of rupees and corruption and favour in the allotments.

After prolonged tug of wars in the Parliament and fiasco of its whole session the Government had to bow to the demand of JPC.
But in a queer way the JPC is still wrangling on procedure and precedents. The main Opposition – the BJP demanding that Prime Minister be summoned to appear before the committee to clarify but the JPC Chairman Mr.Chacko is of the opinion that there was such precedents.

But there should not be any veto on this questions. At one time all the precedence were created afresh without any past precedence. This question should be decided on the merit of the case and issue as whole.
As the laid down practices and procedure the CAG reports are virtually audit reports. It being a constitutional office the audit reports are also given extra importance that it will be presented to Parliament. The Public Account Committee will scrutinize it and officers concerned of the department will appear before to give explanations to audit objections. Thereafter the PAC will refer it the Parliament. But in the case of CAG Reports on spectrum there is duplicity in the action.

As usual the PAC is looking into it and a special JPC is also looking into it with it own angles. Generally ministers do not appear before the JPC. But Mr.Shivraj Patil  as Speaker of Lok Sabha created a precedence by asking then. Finance Minister Mr.Manmohan Singh to appear before a JPC on some other issue. This time BJP members of the JPC are insisting that Prime Minister be summoned before it. It is the bottleneck in the situation. Even the matter was referred to the present Speaker Mrs.Meira Kumar for opinion a decision. But she turned down the request and directed the JPC to take a decision then refer it to her. Now the Government cannot follows the decision on the spectrum anymore it had taken a decision on its wisdom.


Founder : Late Shri Ramgopal Maheshwari

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