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4:55 pm - Monday November 20, 2017

Smog Havoc In Delhi

The combination of smoke and fog its compound have created havoc in Delhi and created condition of medical emergency. The thick gray toxic haze made the visibility near impossible and difficulty in breathing with severe caugh.

Children and old particularly the asthematic persons are feeling chocking. The densely populated and with high rise buildings Delhi all the hours accumulating gas and smoky fumes from the petrol and diesel vehicles.

The smog is slow poisoning and people are feeling suffocated. The administration has asked the people to stay in home. But for the working people it is not possible unless general closers in the city are announced. Schools are closed for three days.

The toxic haze is likely to persists for 48 hours initially. But smog will occure in Delhi frequently in the winter season. On the outskirt Yamuna Expressway 24 cars and other vehicles collided at a places creating severe road hazard. All over in Delhi in all the localities such vehicle dash have occurred hurting many people.

During Dewali of last year the fireworks toxic gas remained entrapped in Delhi for 5 days. This year due to Supreme Court the impact was not severe. But it was very painful people demanded full scale firework on the name of religion. Such religious freedom can never be allowed at the cost of society welfare and protection.

The Delhi Chief Minister Mr Arvind Kejriwal described the Delhi as ‘gas chamber’. The Indian Medical Association called the situation as “public health emergency” as the air quality feel to “severe” level.

Roads are deserted and people are wearing ‘pollution masks”. The calm winds and high humidity are leading to accumulating smog. Some are claming that stubble burning in Punjab and Haryana has also aggravated the smog.

Now Delhi should go for reducing the number of private cars and improve public transport system safe, ease and crime free. The Delhi and other metropolis should now go for electric or battery cars.

It may be slow on speed but best for the speed of the life. The smog has severely affected the air flights and train movements. The entire national capital territory is facing air pollution disaster.

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