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1:33 pm - Wednesday January 24, 2018

Sheila Dikshit

Perhaps for the first time the Congress has declared its leader in the elections before it. Earlier despite obvious indications it never named anybody. During the last Lok Sabha after on Mr.Manmohan Singh opting out of Prime Ministership any further Mr.Rahul Gandhi was the normal choice but the Party has not named him. The UP Vidhan Sabha elections are due early next year.

It being the largest populated state it has largest number of Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha seats and deciding or tilting factor in political life. It was Uttar Pradesh that installed the BJP and Mr.Modi in power at Delhi by giving the 76 out of total 80 Lok Sabha seat in Lok Sabha, Mr.Narendra Modi himself in member of Lok Sabha from Varanasi in UP.

For long time the Congress was the monolith political party every where from Centre to States in power in India. But it has lost much of strength and hold on the success yet still it is the only all India party that exists in its organizational base throughout India. The Congress is trying best to recover it lost ground. The Congress still has potential to revive itself. In the last Lok Sabha elections it lost very badly in Uttar Pradesh.

Out of its 12 seats it could secure only two seats one Rai Bareli of Mrs.Soni Gandhi and Amethi of Rahul Gandhi. Now it appears that Congress has decided to enter Uttar Pradesh Vidhan Sabha elections next year with a bang. Presently it is in 4th position in the Uttar Pradesh Vidhan Sabha after Samajwadi Party, the Bahujan Samaj Party and the Bhartiya Janata Party. Now it is exhibiting its will to capture power in the electoral battle of Uttar Pradesh.

It is the first party to declare its leader for the UP election in naming of Sheila Dikshit. She has track record of being the longest three terms of total 15 years of being Chief Minister in Delhi. By birth she is from Punjab and Sikh. She married a Brahmin IAS officer of Uttar Pradesh Mr.Vinod Dikshit. But it actually a political family. Mr.Vinod Dikshit is son of veteran Congress leader Mr.Uma Shankar Dikshit of all India Stature. He had been Central Minister and Governor.

Mrs.Sheila Dikshit herself was once member of Lok Sabha from Kanauj. Her son Mr.Sandeep Dikshit had been a Member of Lok Sabha from Delhi. Actually Mrs.Dikshit belongs to Uttar Pradesh and she is going back and being sent there to win back Uttar Pradesh for Congress. Few days back the Central leadership nominated young leader and film actor Mr.Raj Babbar as President of Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee. Young leader of organization and 78 year old Mrs.Sheila Dikshit for the Chief Ministership are indications that Congress this time means business. Strangely many years back Mrs.Sucheta Kripalani was Congress Chief Minister of Delhi and later she become Congress Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh.

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