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7:57 am - Tuesday March 28, 2017

Science Destination

The Prime Minister Mr.Manmohan Singh has set a target to place India among five nations of science power within eight years upto 2020. Speaking at the 100th session of Indian Science Congress at Kolkata he emphasized the need for application of science in the agriculture of India where 65 per cent population reside. About 15,000 scientists of India and abroad are attending it which was inaugurated by the President Mr.Pranab Mukherjee.

The journey of the world started from Ice Age to stone age, iron age and industrial age upto age of Science age. Of course the industrial revolution was also outcome of science era. In this period new inventions and heavy machinery were invented and manufactured. These achievement has changed the face and pace of the world entirely by Rail, Aeroplane, Car, Telegraph, Telephone, Typewriter, Gramaphone and its records and fountain pen etc.

Now the science age has entered the electricity and electronic era of progress. The typewriter was confined to a paper alone, but its new face the computer is a worldwide office. The new face of telephone it mobile set is world in the grip, the TV is establishment of movie talkies in right inside the house.

The innovation of plane has reached stage of space rocket. The present science is moving ahead with super sonic speed. All scientific innovations, models and equipment are changing shape very rapidly.  One don’t know what it will be tomorrow.
In such a fastest movement the innovations of ‘Telex’ and ‘Pager’ became obsolete and vanished completely with a span of short period. The locomotive engine of railways which gave speed to progress and movement to the world now a relic consigned to the history of the progress. Now bullet is not just a fire power of the gun but measurement of speed of a latest improved train movement.

The DNA test is a miracle of investigation. The medical science has moved further from anti-biotics to organ transplantation and clone of life. We are moving with the progress of science but our own contribution in such invention and innovation is nothing. Despite being agricultural and cattle head nation our scientific progress in these fields are far behind the other nations. Now our Indian Science Congress in its 100th session completed a century. We must set a target to give some thing unique inventions, innovation and its application to the world to feel proved of it.

All the great inventors like George Stevention, Addison, Marconi, Singer were not D.Sc (Doctor of Science) scholar with huge wealth and workshops and state of art laboratories to carry out experiments. Actually they have nothing at their disposal but all sorts of odds and odds. They gave such a inventions to change the courses of progress. We owe every progress to them.
Out universities must resolve to give the world some unique invention to the world. We are yet to make our presence felt in the world of science and progress.

Founder : Late Shri Ramgopal Maheshwari

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